What is integrated care ?

Many people who have complex care needs receive health and social care services from multiple providers and in different care settings, without appropriate co-ordination or a holistic perspective. If services aren’t well co-ordinated and based around an individual’s needs, it can lead to:

  •  confusion
  •  repetition
  •  delay
  •  duplication and gaps in service delivery
  •  people getting lost in the system


What does vHealth offer ?

vHealth offers whole system improvement programmes  delivering new models of care focussed around patient experience and local health and social care needs.

vHealth has worked with CCGs and health economies during 2014 – 2016 on :

  • Five Year Forward View models of care including national vanguard programmes
  • Better Care Fund5YFV
  • System Resilience programmes
  • Referral to Treatment and 18 weeks
  • Remedial Action Plans
  • Large-scale transformation change programmes
  • QIPP initiatives
  • Commissioning intentions

vHealth also offers corporate improvement programmes delivering, for example implementation of agile working

Read how we are leading integrated care programmes with both NHS and non-NHS organisations

We hold internationally recognised qualifications in Lean, Risk Management, Project and Programme management.

Call Alison on 07919 213154 to discuss how we can help you improve your patients’ experience through better integrated care.



“vHealth’s consultant was full of energy and very hard-working. She was very quick to learn, could understand everyone’s viewpoint and pressures, and worked very well with folk in primary care, secondary care, community and care homes”  South of England Clinical Lead for Older People with Diabetes

“I would re-employ vHealth at a drop of a hat”    Clinical Director, NHS Acute Trust